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The Approved carpet cleaning service in Nottingham
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The independent family business with over 25 years experience in professional cleaning

A family business

We are a fully independent family business providing professional cleaning services for the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas, We are truly an independent business and not part of any national chain or franchise. We have built our business by providing our clients with a service that cares about quality and customer satisfaction, that's why most of our business comes from recommendation and referrals, We have developed and enhanced our cleaning services over 2 decades to make the service we give the very best and most comprehensive in the area. We are fully trained in fibre and fabric identification, trained in cleaning chemistry and advanced stain removal processes as well as carpet and upholstery repair and floor renovation.

The Family business with over 25 years experience
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Our Promise

We aim to give our clients the best possible services from start to finish, we want our clients as long term customers, so we really do give you the service that cares. We give all our clients a satisfaction guarantee that promises 100% satisfaction on all our cleaning services, if you are not totally satisfied we will re clean at no extra cost to you. 
When you use us we arrive as a two person team, we will move any furniture that is movable, we will treat everyday staining at no extra cost, we will only charge the price quoted, we will not sell you any products or services you do not want and do not need! we do not employ sales men or work on commission!
We do not have any sales gimmicks or silly unbelievable offers!
We will always give you really great value for money without compromising the great quality service we always provide!
Trusted services by a trusted company!

Environmentally Safe Cleaning

Our cleaning solutions have been selected for their advanced cleaning capabilities and their safer environmental properties, we have been using safer greener products for many years now. We select our cleaning solutions from various manufacturers, this means we can choose the best product for the specific task required. We don't compromise the quality and cleaning capabilities, we make sure our safer products have to clean to a better standard than the traditional chemical based products!
Safer cleaning that get's results!

Approved cleaning services 
Our cleaning systems are approved by The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association, our deep cleaning equipment is the very latest innovation in cleaning technology,
it allows us to deep clean your carpets without using harsh chemicals, it removes more moisture and leaves carpets cleaner and dryer than ever. 
More deep down dirt removed
More staining removed
More allergen inducing particles removed
More bacteria removed
Cleaner healthier dryer carpets, upholstery and rugs!

The cleaning methods manufacturers and cleaning experts approve!
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